I am Remy, a brand focused designer, people manager, dad, visual storyteller and a sucker for great typography.

I was born in the Netherlands in the ‘70s as the child of a ballet dancer and an art teacher. Like most kids, I dreamt of  becoming just like them, hence, I grew up figuring which of the two careers would make me happier. Eventually, I chose the one that was physically less demanding, but I do wake up with a smile most mornings nonetheless. And you can still occasionally see me dancing on rollerskates at the beaches of Barcelona.

Being blessed with unquenchable curiosity, I have worked across a broad range of visual disciplines, on projects such as designing a weather-forecast platform, telling the stories of small business owners through intimate photography, or branding a vintage race track.

I firmly believe that great design is a team effort.

The most powerful projects I have worked on were always also the ones where the best ideas came from cross-functional, culturally diverse teams. As a people manager, I strive to create environments that allow people to shine, and I consider myself lucky to have worked with some of the brightest and most creative minds around, both as leader and sparring partner.

If I needed to pick one word to describe my approach to almost everything, it would be ‘simplicity’. In a world as complex as ours, where data meets creativity and emotion, I believe it not only needs to be applied to the ‘what’ but also to the ‘how’ and the ‘why’. 

Feel free to download my CV for more details about me, my skillsets and my career